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What have our members been up to?

Below are some recent activities of the club. For more photos of these and other events, go to the Photo Gallery

mariners lookout 4 view from lookout 20200412 1809483005March 2020 Apollo Bay with the Caravan Group

The caravan group enjoyed a great trip to Apollo Bay in March, just before the COVID restrictions which came into force after we returned to Melbourne. We had a lot of fun visiting the local attractions such as the Twelve Apostles, Port Campbell (where the ice-creams were fabulous), the Otway Lighthouse, Mariners Lookout (the photo on the left was taken from the lookout) and the Otway Fly. 

 We enjoyed meals at the local pub, lunch at the Fishermans Coop (great fresh fish and lobster), a barbeque at the park and of course Happy Hour every night. We even played a game of klop. Oh and Robin caught some fish. We all had a lot of fun. 




March 2020 Annual General Meeting

40 - Gordon P inducting new President Ken P 47 - Gordon P inducting Act Co-ords Maree & Wayne B 50 - 2020 Committee -  Andy R,  Joy D,  Ken P,  Rick P,  Jill J,  Pat H,  Rod H,  Maree & Wayne B, Meg A 52 - New President, Ken P, Acceptance speech


Feb 20 Spit Roast

1 - Mary S & Fiona M 4 - Rex M, Reg M, Gerry H 7 - Marg R, Wendy P, Barb C 10 - Kathryn P, Joy McC
13 - Barb & David C, Marie McC, Judy McA 15 - Laraine F, Reg M 17 - Graeme K, Fiona M, Rob McC, Merrill S 18 - Michael & Trish R, Andy R, Rex M
20 - Gary P, Michael R, ANdy R, Rex M 22 - Phil A, Rex M, Ken J, Ken P    


Feb 2020 Beleura House

Beleura House


Feb 20 Walk n Talk Blackburn

Coffee WAlk


Dec 2019 Christmas Lunch Box Hill Golf Club

P1160429 P1160432 P1160433 P1160435
P1160438 P1160439 P1160444 P1160446
P1160450 P1160451 P1160455 P1160456
P1160460 P1160462 P1160463 P1160466
P1160467 P1160470    


November 2019 Galls Gap with the Caravan and Cabin Group

P1160285Our inaugural Caravan and Cabin Group Trip to Halls Gap.

The weather wasn't great the first couple of days, but we still managed to get out and have a good time. Some hiked up to the Pinnacle, and we all visited McKenzie Falls, Reids Lookout and other scenic spots. The BBQ, Happy Hours and Dinner at the pub were all great times.

IMG_6756 IMG_6761 IMG_6783 IMG_6763
 IMG_6778  IMG_6829  IMG_6806  IMG_6825
P1160243 IMG_6834 P1160199 P1160210
P1160220 P1160198 P1160253 P1160258
P1160293 P1160297 P1160299 P1160316


Oct 19 Fine Dining at Merricks General Store

IMG_5257 P1160161 P1160160 P1160163
P1160167 P1160169 P1160176 P1160181
P1160185 P1160186    


Oct 19 Maranoa Walk

3 - Maranoa Gardens 4 - Jan L, Pam McN, Rosemary P, Philip L 5 - Philip L 11 - Pam McN, Jan L, Rosemary B


May 19 Back O' Burke Trip

3 - Diane F, Carmen & Pam McN - Morning Tea at Nagambie 8 - The mighty Murray River at Tocumwal P1150598 IMG_4257
P1150599 P1150607 P1150615 P1150629
P1150636 P1150643 P1150665 P1150669
P1150686 P1150687 P1150700 P1150713
P1150719 IMG_4359 IMG_4362 IMG_4368
P1150734 P1150753 P1150754 P1150755
P1150762 IMG_4391 P1150778 P1150793
P1150799 IMG_4457 P1150821 P1150825


Sep 19 Jells Park Walk

P1160077 P1160079 P1160080


July 19 Christmas in July

P1150946 P1150947 P1150949 P1150951
P1150952 P1150955 P1150958 P1150963
P1150965 P1150966    


Aug 19 Walk in Glen Iris



Aug 19 Happy Hour

P1160026 P1160028 P1160031 P1160033
P1160032 P1160034 P1160035 P1160037
P1160038 P1160039    



June 2019 Craft Group

IMG_9456 IMG_9457 IMG_9459 IMG_9463


Work in Progress - more activities from 2018 to be added.


Jan 2018 Picnic in Norton's Park

What a great day we had under the shade of the huge pine trees. Weather was fine, not too hot, not too cold. Lots of friends to talk to, cold drink in one hand, snack in the other. We all had some lunch, some cold, some had brought frypans and stove and had hot steaks, onions, sausages. After lunch we played finska, or some call it klop, where you throw a wooden cylinder trying to knock down12 skittles that keep getting further and further away as the game progresses. Dead eye Colin B showed us how it was done with him nominating which skittle he would hit each time, and winning easily. A great day was had by all.

image1 20180203 1772905439 img 2061 20180203 1467463310 1 philip jan l 20180126 2014675592 6 mike k ken j ray gerda w pat b 20180126 1392613431
8 kate s barbie s rosemary p jo k 20180126 1253516688 11 colin b eating gerry h 20180126 1345342686 13 helen jim m 20180126 1086203151 17 gerry h 20180126 1271238368
23 jo k 20180126 1833374410 31 colin b 20180126 1424327561 36 mike k 20180126 1000386168 38 jan l pat h kate s helen jim m 20180126 1481954190