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What have our members been up to?

Below are some recent activities of the club. For more photos of these and other events, go to the Photo Gallery

mariners lookout 4 view from lookout 20200412 1809483005March 2020 Apollo Bay with the Caravan Group

The caravan group enjoyed a great trip to Apollo Bay in March, just before the COVID restrictions which came into force after we returned to Melbourne. We had a lot of fun visiting the local attractions such as the Twelve Apostles, Port Campbell (where the ice-creams were fabulous), the Otway Lighthouse, Mariners Lookout (the photo on the left was taken from the lookout) and the Otway Fly. 

 We enjoyed meals at the local pub, lunch at the Fishermans Coop (great fresh fish and lobster), a barbeque at the park and of course Happy Hour every night. We even played a game of klop. Oh and Robin caught some fish. We all had a lot of fun. 




March 2020 Annual General Meeting

40 - Gordon P inducting new President Ken P 47 - Gordon P inducting Act Co-ords Maree & Wayne B 50 - 2020 Committee -  Andy R,  Joy D,  Ken P,  Rick P,  Jill J,  Pat H,  Rod H,  Maree & Wayne B, Meg A 52 - New President, Ken P, Acceptance speech


Feb 20 Spit Roast

1 - Mary S & Fiona M 4 - Rex M, Reg M, Gerry H 7 - Marg R, Wendy P, Barb C 10 - Kathryn P, Joy McC
13 - Barb & David C, Marie McC, Judy McA 15 - Laraine F, Reg M 17 - Graeme K, Fiona M, Rob McC, Merrill S 18 - Michael & Trish R, Andy R, Rex M
20 - Gary P, Michael R, ANdy R, Rex M 22 - Phil A, Rex M, Ken J, Ken P    


Feb 2020 Beleura House

Beleura House


Feb 20 Walk n Talk Blackburn

Coffee WAlk


Dec 2019 Christmas Lunch Box Hill Golf Club

P1160429 P1160432 P1160433 P1160435
P1160438 P1160439 P1160444 P1160446
P1160450 P1160451 P1160455 P1160456
P1160460 P1160462 P1160463 P1160466
P1160467 P1160470    


November 2019 Galls Gap with the Caravan and Cabin Group

P1160285Our inaugural Caravan and Cabin Group Trip to Halls Gap.

The weather wasn't great the first couple of days, but we still managed to get out and have a good time. Some hiked up to the Pinnacle, and we all visited McKenzie Falls, Reids Lookout and other scenic spots. The BBQ, Happy Hours and Dinner at the pub were all great times.

IMG_6756 IMG_6761 IMG_6783 IMG_6763
 IMG_6778  IMG_6829  IMG_6806  IMG_6825
P1160243 IMG_6834 P1160199 P1160210
P1160220 P1160198 P1160253 P1160258
P1160293 P1160297 P1160299 P1160316


Oct 19 Fine Dining at Merricks General Store

IMG_5257 P1160161 P1160160 P1160163
P1160167 P1160169 P1160176 P1160181
P1160185 P1160186    


Oct 19 Maranoa Walk

3 - Maranoa Gardens 4 - Jan L, Pam McN, Rosemary P, Philip L 5 - Philip L 11 - Pam McN, Jan L, Rosemary B


May 19 Back O' Burke Trip

3 - Diane F, Carmen & Pam McN - Morning Tea at Nagambie 8 - The mighty Murray River at Tocumwal P1150598 IMG_4257
P1150599 P1150607 P1150615 P1150629
P1150636 P1150643 P1150665 P1150669
P1150686 P1150687 P1150700 P1150713
P1150719 IMG_4359 IMG_4362 IMG_4368
P1150734 P1150753 P1150754 P1150755
P1150762 IMG_4391 P1150778 P1150793
P1150799 IMG_4457 P1150821 P1150825


Sep 19 Jells Park Walk

P1160077 P1160079 P1160080


July 19 Christmas in July

P1150946 P1150947 P1150949 P1150951
P1150952 P1150955 P1150958 P1150963
P1150965 P1150966    


Aug 19 Walk in Glen Iris



Aug 19 Happy Hour

P1160026 P1160028 P1160031 P1160033
P1160032 P1160034 P1160035 P1160037
P1160038 P1160039    



June 2019 Craft Group

IMG_9456 IMG_9457 IMG_9459 IMG_9463


Work in Progress - more activities from 2018 to be added.


Jan 2018 Picnic in Norton's Park

What a great day we had under the shade of the huge pine trees. Weather was fine, not too hot, not too cold. Lots of friends to talk to, cold drink in one hand, snack in the other. We all had some lunch, some cold, some had brought frypans and stove and had hot steaks, onions, sausages. After lunch we played finska, or some call it klop, where you throw a wooden cylinder trying to knock down12 skittles that keep getting further and further away as the game progresses. Dead eye Colin B showed us how it was done with him nominating which skittle he would hit each time, and winning easily. A great day was had by all.

image1 20180203 1772905439 img 2061 20180203 1467463310 1 philip jan l 20180126 2014675592 6 mike k ken j ray gerda w pat b 20180126 1392613431
8 kate s barbie s rosemary p jo k 20180126 1253516688 11 colin b eating gerry h 20180126 1345342686 13 helen jim m 20180126 1086203151 17 gerry h 20180126 1271238368
23 jo k 20180126 1833374410 31 colin b 20180126 1424327561 36 mike k 20180126 1000386168 38 jan l pat h kate s helen jim m 20180126 1481954190

Dec 2017 Christmas Lunch

A great time was had at the Christmas lunch this year. Many dressed for the occasion in a variety of Christmas outfits, or decorated themselves with Santa hats, antlers, holly with flashing lights and many others.The craft group provided fancy boxes to hold the small Christmas gift for everyone who attended. The door prizes were hampers filled with Christmas goodies, and the 3 winners were full of Christmas joy. We also held a competition to see who knew their Christmas carols - the first letter of each word in the first line of the carol was provided, and you had to guess the carol. It was lots of fun with some members joining in singing the carols as they were announced. Oh, and the meal wasn't too bad either.

p1050148 20180108 1411050657 p1050156 20180108 1856848119 p1050159 20180108 1128914929 p1050160 20180108 1301525252
p1050168 20180108 1814991069 p1050173 cr 20180108 1951708451 p1050176 20180108 1830283651 p1050177 20180108 1792985615
p1050180 20180108 1461316620 p1050178 20180108 1843817489 p1050179 crii 20180108 2082446988 p1050194 20180108 1720016708


Nov 2017 A day on the Bay

The ferry left from Victoria Harbour Docklands down the Harbour and across the bay to Portarlington on a beautiful sunny spring day.
The Portarlington Golf Club provided courtesy buses to collect us from the Ferry and took us to the golf club for lunch: a pretty good deal - $12.00 (one course) or $17.00 (two courses) - Free tea & coffee.
and then take us back to the Ferry. After lunch the buses transported us back to the town (about 2k's) for a wander around the town, and some remained at the Club and sat in their nice lounge and chatted or played the pokies and were then transported back to the Ferry.
Many of us caught the Train to travel from Glen Waverley Station to Harbour Esplanade and return home. A great day enjoyed by all (except those who were late getting to the ferry and had to wave as we sailed off)

img 1948 20180106 1945281113 img 1952 20180106 1238374758 img 1954 20180106 2067032186 4 ken j merrill s graeme k 20171222 1383991429
3 george c rosalie jack o 20171222 1288161719 8 gerda w mike k 20171222 1608749432 12 chris g mary s keith n 20171222 1754567121 17 joy mcc mary s pam mcn 20171222 1204979514
19 robert mcc graeme k merrill s 20171222 2012001754 18 ray w ken j 20171222 1935616252 img 1970 20180106 1669960443 23 ray w ken j kevin maureen d having 40 winks on the way back 20171222 1542692361


August 2017 The Naked Racer for Lunch

The men had lunch at "The Naked Racer" Bar Café & Museum, beside the Moorabbin Airport.  Don't be fooled by the name, it is not a naked café. The Museum is awesome and has a fabulous collection of model planes, aviation bric-a-brac, motor bikes and mechanical artefacts and sundry other items hanging from the ceiling. The bikes range from the latest Indian to a large number of preowned bikes including Harley, BSAs, Nortons, and from modern to classics. . 

The food was excellent, and very well presented. They served the tallest hamburgers I've ever seen, and the side salad with the Calamari was delicious.

naked racer20170829 16295099 20170829 1572114409 img 1477 20170829 1098695395 img 1478 20170829 1787545774 img 1479 20170829 1710264765
img 1483 20170829 1346274048 img 1485 20170829 1255928287 img 1486 20170829 1993153487 img 1487 20170829 2085756883
img 1475 20170829 1067253929 img 1489 20170829 1350698870  img 1491 20170829 1723184341  img 1495 20170829 1206170453


 August 2017 Synchrotron Tour

A synchrotron is a large machine that accelerates electrons to almost the speed of light - 99.9999985% of speed of light - around a circular track. As the electrons are deflected through magnetic fields they create extremely bright light. The light is then channelled down beam lines to experimental workstations where it is used for research and medical purposes.

group 20170823 1790435795 img 8441 20170823 1479407996 img 8443 20170823 1364630317 img 8444 2 20170823 1071864308
img 8446 20170823 1397643621 img 8460 2 20170823 1955158805 speed of light 20170823 1331289703 img 8462 20170823 1422170075
img 8452 edited 20170823 1286276876 img 8449 20170823 1325583140    


High Tea Lunch at Zest June 2017

The Zest Restaurant, at Glen Waverley/Holmesglen TAFE was the venue for this High Tea Lunch which featured - Selection of Finger Sandwiches, Hot Savouries, Pastries and Tartlets, followed by assorted Cakes & Sweet Sensations and Desserts to die for.  Eats were followed by tea and filter coffee only (extra for Latte, cappuccino or Hot chocolate). 

13 the hihg tea lunch spread 20170626 1796002573 11 lyn m laraine rob f 20170626 2003069157 19 mary s philip l 20170626 2015162576 20 rob f waiter jeannie b comtemplating what to eat 20170626 1700668700


Walk at Hedgely Dean June 2017

This walk was at Hedgley Dene Gardens Central Park, cnr Wattletree Rd and Kingston St, Malvern.

Hedgley Dene is a very tranquil garden with beautiful trees and an ornamental lake with meandering paths.  Central Park has a varied collection of trees with some dating back to the initial planting of the early 1900's. The walk continued through the local streets to see some beautiful homes in the area, very different to where most of us live. Coffee at one of the local cafes was great.

1 john r ken j philip l 20170626 1094208016 5 barbie s pam mcn 20170626 1188111149 6 ray gerda w 20170626 1469704750 9 the group 20170626 2067858646
10 barbie john r gerda w 20170626 1405306945 12 gerda w ken j reliving their childhood 20170626 1246964353 16 gerda w jan l john r pam mcn 20170626 1230333283 21 ray w barbie s gerda w 20170626 1495501070


March 2017 - The Briars Mt Martha

Another beautiful autumn day for an excursion to Mt Martha. Members travelled to Mt Martha by car, and on arrival saw a short documentary history of 'The Briars'. The Briars is a homestead and wildlife sanctuary that was completed in 1851 and was occupied by Alexander Balcombe. After failing to find his fortune at the goldfields, Balcombe farmed the land and tended 40 hectares of vineyards – experimenting unsuccessfully in wine production. We then had a guided tour of the homestead, followed by a tour of the surrounds. Much was made of the connection to Napoleon, as the name of The Briars originates from where Napoleon was incarcerated on the Island of ??. The homestead was filled with much Napoleonic era furniture supplied by the National Trust, as well as genuine furniture from the era of the homestead. Following the tour we walked or drove a short distance up the hill for a complimentary glass of wine and lunch in Josephine's restaurant. The outlook from the restaurant over the homestead and the valley was great. Lunch was a bit of a surprise to some, as we had put our order in weeks ago, and couldn't remember what we had ordered.

thebriars 20170314 1078411841 2 some of the group walking to the homestead 20170302 2020659847 3 the chooks 20170302 1758395132 7 bernie b noel louise b lyn m ken j ray w 20170302 1199436623
20 barb c kate s rosemary bernie b pamela h gerda w gerry h 20170302 1829544625 17 rob e anne c ken j lynda r 20170302 1428259788 16 rosalie o ruth w rosemary p marg rod h 20170302 1148037094 22 pork belly lunch 20170302 1899367754



Feb 2017 - Blackburn Sanctuary Lake Walk

Tucked away within this residential area is this serene and peaceful Blackburn Lake Sanctuary Park, set in bush land with lots of bird life and fishes in the lake. The walk was relatively flat and easy, and what a surprise in the middle of suburbia to find such a quiet and peaceful lake and bush walking tracks. After the walk (about 45 mins) we adjourned for refreshment at a coffee shop opposite the Blackburn Railway station on South Parade.

1 peter eng l 20170215 1100060216 8 eng l 20170215 1074822772 11 jan l rosemary b 20170215 1054847927 15 merrill s peter l ray w ken j 20170215 1054627474
17 eng l rosemary b jan l pam mcn philip l 20170215 2082229419 14 eng l jan l rosemary b gerda w 20170215 1157380470 19 merrill s jan l rosemary b at coffee after 20170215 1191000583 20 ken j eng peter l gerda w 20170215 1686480744


Nov 2016 - Mid Week Lunch Run

 We had a8 picking gerberas at the bit bouquet 20161126 1415122455bsolutely beautiful weather, great company and lovely food on our trip to Healesville and Black Spur. Our mystery trip went first to the Big Bouquet Flower and Alpaca Farm for morning tea and a guided tour of the farm. What an amazing place! The gerbera hothouse was just enormous and must have had tens of thousands of flowers - a fantastic sight when you so may flowers under the one roof. Oh, and morning tea was pretty good too. Then we headed off through Healesville over the Dom Dom saddle to the Black Spur Inn for lunch. A lovely venue and the food was delicious. A great day was had by all.

1 morning tea at the big bouquet 20161126 1149366997 7 alpacas at the big bouquet 20161126 1187979071 33 alpacas coming into feed 20161126 1694143344  
16 20161126 2054480666 19 20161126 1308950150 22 20161126 2019448380  
27 in the hothouse jill j ray w wilma mcl gerda w ken j pat h pam mcn ruth w rosemary p rosalie o 20161126 2061503361 44 the black spur inn 20161126 1934945930 43 dessert mango sorbet 20161126 1308306982  

Sept 2016 - Lunch at the China Bar, and The Kitchen Workshop

We were definitely spoilt in September with two opportunities to enjoy a smorgasbord lunch. On the 7th we had an Asian Buffet at the China Bar Restaurant, and on the 23rd we went to The Kitchen Workshop at Crown Casino for a fabulous smorgasbord lunch.

Both meals were great, and I especially enjoyed the roast beef at the Kitchen Workshop which just melted in the mouth. The desert choices were excellent too. Maureen D organised the meal at the Kitchen Workshop, at a fabulous price of only $7/head. Well done Maureen.

img 4331 20161002 1381111611 img 4911 20161002 2070592606 Kitchen Workshop Desert Sep16


August 2016 High Tea at Zest Restaurant

14 high tea lunch 20160831 1544629571
A large group of members enjoyed a huge variety of savoury and sweet treats at the high tea in the Zest Restaurant (part of Holmesglen TAFE). The students did a fabulous job, especially seeing this was the first high tea they had put on.

It was all so tempting, we just had to try one of each of the little morsels.





Toyota Factory Tour 28th June 2016

The Toyota Plant at Altona North is one of 7 in the world that manufacture Camry and Aurion models. This is the only integrated plant that manufactures all the major components including engine and body in the same plant. Sadly it will close down manufacturing operations in 2017, leaving 2500 employees looking for work. We were fortunate to have 17 members visit the plant to see how they operate and build cars with a very high level of quality. Most of us met for coffee and a bite to eat first at the Altona Gate shopping centre close by. At the plant we got kitted out with all the safety gear, and a group photo before the tour began. It is a huge plant and we walked more than 3 k's over the next 2 hours. It was fascinating and I think we all enjoyed it immensely.

img 1133 coffee at altona gate 20160630 1875798138 img 1138 ready to start tour 20160630 1609320946 assembly line 20160630 1016372593  
fitting bumpers 20160630 1226122850 close inspection during assembly 20160630 1294589083  final assembly and inspection 20160630 1799194362  


Black Rock House Bus Trip 1st June 2016

A cold overcast day, but thankfully almost no wind. We bussed down to Mordialloc pier for our first stop and a walk along the pier. Or a ride on a penny farthing bike for some (well I tried). Then off to Black Rock House for morning tea and coffee, and a tour of the house. Interesting to see how the early Melbournians lived back in the 1870's. Then we were off to Milano's at Brighton for lunch, and the last stop was the chocolate out in Richmond. Apart from the cold morning, a very enjoyable day.

003 20160601 1485311546 001 20160601 1944762350 012 20160601 1367588699 021 20160601 2067010760


Mid Week Lunch Run 26 Apr 2016

A beautiful day out with morning tea and a tour of the sculptures at McClelland Gallery and Sculpture Park, Langwarrin. Then on to Tides Bar and Grill at Tooradin for lunch, followed by ice-creams at the Ice-cream shop on the inlet. I think everyone had a great day and most wanted to go back to McClelland's again to see the rest of the sculptures, the ones we saw were fascinating.

img 0719 20160427 1074470018 img 0712 20160427 1000853306 fullsizerender 2 20160427 1006586216  
img 0735 20160427 1486107141 img 0741 20160427 1167124076 img 0749 20160427 1921532455  
img 0752 20160427 1941629050 img 0762 20160427 1249749652 img 0766 20160427 1514504041  


Walk and Picnic - Valley Reserve 16 Mar 2016

009 20160316 1643956118  016 20160316 1094222245 img 1185 20160316 1199408693  006 20160316 1292446975 


Jayco Caravan Factory Tour  3 March 2016

A truly fascinating morning touring the huge Jayco factory in Dandenong South for 14 of our members. Jayco have 100,000 sq metres of factory space in 6 enormous buildings spread over 50 acres. 1200 workers churn out a caravan, camper, or motorhome at the rate of one every 11 or 12 minutes, and build around 11,000 vans etc every year. What an operation, and its all Australian owned.

factory1a 20160303 1805070403 Factory2 factory3 20160303 1290635121
factory6 20160303 1607061037 IMG 1113a img 1111 20160303 1742272666














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