To become a member of Pinewood Combined Probus Club Inc you should be retired or semi-retired, live in the Monash Council area, and be able to attend at least 50% of monthly meetings each year. 

The Club allows for a maximum of 100 members and we endeavour to have a membership of 85% of Monash residents and no more than 60% of either gender which we actively maintain through the Club's membership policy.

Members Benefits

Each member will be issued with a membership card which entitles them to membership benefits listed below:

Club Policies

The club's membership is based on a Club Constitution, Club By-Laws, and Risk, Privacy and Tours and Refunds Policies. Members of the club are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities as well as contributing to the management of the club by joining the Management Committee or assisting with or being an organiser of activities.

All authorised Club events are covered by Public Liability, Association Liability, Personal Injury and Club Money Insurance.

Members are rostered on a rotation basis to Greeting and Hospitality duties at General Meetings to share the workload and to give members an opportunity to meet fellow members.

Procedure for Joining

Stage One

Stage Two

Stage Three

Stage Four

Joining and Membership Fees

Joining Fees are $30 due at time of admission.

Method of Payment

  1. By cash or cheque to the Treasurer at a General Meeting or posted to P.O. Box 5373, Pinewood, Vic, 3149.  Cheques should be made payable to Pinewood Combined Probus Club Inc.
  2. Direct Payment to the Club Bank Account

a. Pinewood Community Branch of the Bendigo Bank

b. Account number BSB 633000 Account number 149147860

c. Quote your surname and the reason for payment

d. Email the Treasurer with the date and amount deposited